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I want to say Thank you for coming onto my blog post. If you need Real Estate Information, Home Improvement Tips, or other things about your Home, feel free to follow me on my Facebook Business page. Please click here> Facebook.

My Pinterest page was initially for Real Estate purposes only, but in time, it offered me many more options. For example, Pinterest allows me to collect and store information for Home, lawn, and garden in one location. I also discovered that Pinterest could also be a scrapbook for all sorts of food and drink recipes. And last but not least, Pinterest is my digital store book of things out of the past that is dear to me. For example, I loved my big luxury cars of the ’60s and ’70s. I can collect photos of these cars.

Back in the day, I traveled the country on Passenger trains and Greyhound buses. These were trains before Amtrak. When I went to other cities, I rode the rapid transit lines. I have a lot of old faded, cracked pictures of the trains, cars, buses, and other things that were part of my life. With Pinterest, I can relive those times.

For those out there who appreciate my memories, I say thank you. For those who have no idea what I am talking about, please go to my Pinterest account and see if there is something there that might reawaken a past event. Click here>  Pinterest.

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