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What do realtors do for their clients?

What do Realtors do for their clients? Look at the above photo? We see a man placing keys into the hands of another man His wife/girlfriend clutches his arm and smiles with approval. What we have here is another satisfied couple. They have just purchased a home using the services of a Real Estate Broker. Some people in this high tech digital world think that they can bypass a Realtor and complete the process themselves. Fortunately, they are still in the minority. The majority of people today will still use the services of a Real Estate Broker to complete their sales transactions.

Should a person still choose a professional Realtor to represent them? After all, there are self-help books, Videos on to sell your home yourself, and others saying all sorts of negative things are Realtors. The answer is still yes more today than ever you need the help of a Realtor.

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            Hello again. This is Charles McShan with Century 21 Universal. Here is part 2 of the blog post entitled ----The last post, we show how the verdict against the Nar came about and how it affects the home seller and buyers. We...

The dark web of consumer fraud!

The dark web of consumer fraud!

  Hello everyone Charles McShan with Century 21 Universal, as the above photo symbolizes a web. This is no ordinary spider web but a dark web where consumer fraud operates on a grand scale. A standard spider web has a spider waiting for an insect to get caught in...

A Message From Charles

“Hopefully, this blog will help people as they address their real estate needs now or in the future. I will cover a wide range of topics back Chicago and the neighborhoods in which we live in. I hope you find some of the information useful to you. So sit back and enjoy this journey with me and in the end,”

Charles McShan

Founder of Chicago Land Realtor