You Have decided to move from your present home. Let the moving process begin?


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Hello everyone, This is Charles McShan from Century 21 Universal. Here is a question for you.                                           What do a  single-family home, townhome, condo, co-op owner have in common with an apartment tenant?  Sooner or later each one of them will say my home is either too big or too small for my present lifestyle. It is time to move on. So there it is. You have decided to move from your present home. What must you do next? Well, first things first. You will hire a licensed Realtor who will find you that home of your dreams or your next apartment unit. Even during these times of low inventory, good things do happen. If it is meant to be it will happen and when it does and you close on a deal it will be a day of celebrating. Then comes the other side of emotions.

Now you have committed to your new home so you look around your present home and say to yourself. What will I take and what must I dispose of? Who will help me pack and move? That will be the subject of this quick blog post. Moving is a big thing full of emotions. Some people who have decided to move will move from a  mid-sized home to a larger home. Others will now downsize because their children have left home to start their own lives. Either way, when you look at your present belongings you will see clothing, furniture, and other items that are past their prime and you will not take them with you when you move. On the other hand, you have precious items maybe antiques that you must keep. You have a deadline approaching. You must prepare to move out of your present home. Someone else will move in so you must get on the ball and start the process. What process is that? Well, let’s cover that process.

The First things to do!

We covered it in the last paragraph. You look at the belongings you have. Are you downsizing? Will your many living room pieces fit into your smaller living room? That massive dining room table that seats 8, will it fit into your next place? Will everything you have in your basement or your storage area fit into your next home? Maybe maybe not. By now you have taken measurements to determine what will fit and not fit in your next smaller home. You have decisions to make. Plan it out. Have yard sales to rid yourself of items you do not need. Call the second-hand stores to give things to charity and if you have junk you see the commercials on tv. In a snap, they will make your junk disappear.

If your family is growing and you need more space you to will want to replace older items with newer ones. You too can have yard sales because you will have your newer items delivered straight to your new home. People purchased bigger homes for a variety of reasons and if you got it. Go for it. Either way, your next step will be deciding how you will get your present belongings to your new home.

Moving your furniture from point A to point B!

When I moved from home I had my brother and a group of friends to assist me. I moved from the Southside to the Northside of Chicago. I had to learn about the process of renting a moving truck. There was the insurance, paying for the gas or diesel fuel, and oh yeah do not take the truck on Lake Shore Drive. That particular move was uneventful. Over the years I have helped plenty of friends and relatives move. If you have helped others to move you know there can be some challenges.

You rent a truck for only a certain amount of hours only to find out you can’t get access to the elevator, or not enough of your friends showed up to help or heavy traffic delayed you from returning the truck on time. Now you had to keep the truck an extra day with the additional charges that will incur. If you are moving in and around Rogers Park you have to make sure your truck will clear the CTA and the Metra low train viaducts. Those are the things that can happen on local moves in and around the Chicago metro area.

If you are moving out of state that will also bring its share of problems. Are you driving the truck? Will you be using the truck to tow your car? Will you be driving thru mountainous areas and can you handle the truck as it goes up and down the mountains? Did you calculate the cost of fuel and the mileage rate associated with that truck? Do you have helpers waiting for you at your new destination to unload the truck? If you are hiring professional movers before you sign that contract makes sure you ask every question and know the answers in advance.

So you have a decision to make move yourself or hire professional movers. You must decide to pack your items yourself or hire people to do it. Certain appliances must be packed in a proper way or the insurance will not cover them working in your new residence. Do you have antiques or a grand piano? How will you pack and ship expensive possessions like those? What other unique things do you own in your home that you value and do not want to be destroyed thru shipping? The list can go on and on. These are the decisions you must make to move your belongings from point A to point B. What steps must I follow? Many articles will cover these subjects better than I can so I will provide the links below to them.

I wrote this blog because in Chicago there are 2 rental lease times. Either May 31st or October 1st. For homeowners typically try to move into their new residence before the school semester starts because if they have kids they want their children enrolled in the school district of their new home. Because of the coronavirus and low inventory things have changed. Some people have had problems finding a new home so they have had to move when they found a place so they were delayed in their plans to have their kids in the new school district.

Also because of the virus, many moving companies are still experiencing delays from earlier this year and the new variant has not helped the problem. So must do your homework. There are scams out there, people have been ripped off. Your first step should be a better business bureau for complaints. Secondly, you should check and see who your family and friends have used in the past. Also, check out the competitive prices of all the moving companies. Ask them what the movers will do and will not do. There are many questions that you need to be answered before you sign the contract. Here are 4 links to articles that will be of value to you and your family.

1:I am moving to another State. How should I prepare? Please click the button below.

Moving to another State

2:I have valuable antiques. How should I package them? The below will give you some insight.

Packaging antiques the right way

3:For those few who have in their possession a piano that they love to play Benny and The Jets. How do they pack and ship it safely? You know what to do. Press the button below

Transporting my piano

4:I have the latest major appliances. Can they be packaged shipped safely? Find out how below?

How do I transport my appliances?

The 4 above articles should almost cover every scenario in a moving process. But you know Murph’s law. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.  After careful consideration and looking at your budget then you must decide if you wish to rent a truck and move or hire professionals to do the job. Yes, the month of September is typically a moving month so do not wait for the last second to make a decision. Speaking of September we are 8 months into this year. Time has flown quickly Summer will soon be over. This year is like the previous year. A lot of bad things are happening locally as well as abroad. But light is at the end of the tunnel.No matter what happens every day all of us have to wake up and thank God that the majority despite all that is going on still have homes to wake in each morning.

Local News!

The month of August is now over. We are 8 months into the year 2021. Time has passed quickly. Locally all major hotels are now open in Chicago but without the major conventions and the business people coming in regularly the hotel industry is still slow. As  I write this on September 1st, 2021 there is a small convention in town that involves the apartment industry of all things at McCormick Place. When McCormick place kicks back into high gear things will be good but the new variant will bring about some cancellations. The tourist industry has rebounded as the downtown streets are packed. The restaurant industry is booming despite the new mask mandate The lollapalooza concert was a success and other outdoor music venues are doing good. All Chicagoland parks, beaches, and forest preserves are packed with people enjoying the warm weather The Chicago Cubs are not doing well but the Chicago White Sox have their eye on the playoffs. The Chicago Bears have a new quarterback, in fact, they have 2 new quarterbacks so let the comparisons begin. The coronavirus variant is still raging on as the 2021-2020 school season begins. On the national scene, there are a lot of bad things happening in regards to our military and the weather. My last post dealt with weather-related issues in regards to having insurance on your property. With hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, and flooding occurring not only here but worldwide you cannot afford to chance not having insurance on your property. Feel free to reread that article by clicking here >> Do you need homeowner’s insurance?

.In regards to the housing industry there are reports that home sales have slowed somewhat, the prices for homes are still high and many are still receiving multiple offers. Low inventory is still a problem here in Chicago as well as in other areas. Homebuyers have had to look in other areas that were not their first options and still the pickings are slim. In regards to renters lot of landlords still have tenants who are not still paying rent. This has placed a strain on their finances so they are making doubling sure that any new tenant has the resources to pay the rent with money left to pay their other bills. Many now insist that you have a credit score of 650 and higher with no evictions and no bankruptcies with no exceptions. This is their right they own that property and they can do this.

My Real Estate Office!

My Real estate office is located at 7300 N.Western Ave in the West Ridge area of the city of Chicago. We did not close our doors last year when the coronavirus initially struck and we are still open for business as the variant continues its rampage. We insist for the protection of our staff and the general public that all who enter our doors continue to wear a facial covering. The buying and selling of property will continue no matter what. The same rule applies to renting apartments and the renting and selling of commercial property. That is the business of the real estate industry. The eviction moratorium imposed by the state sooner or later will come to an end and that will bring its own share of suffering but we will get thru it. Those people will also need movers before it is all over.  There are many ups and downs in life but when you need a Realtor we will be here for you.

In conclusion

So, in conclusion, you have decided you needed to move from your present location. You might have there stayed in your home for only 1 year and you could have been living there for many years. Some people have raised their children from infancy to adulthood in one home. I meant a person who has lived in her rental unit for over 13 years. But for many days, they say it is time to move on. They start the process of securing a new home, they close on the deal They are given the keys to their new residence. If you did not think of it before now for you will. The moving process will now is upon you. You must now go out and start looking for boxes, tape, and everything else that you will need to move.

Then that day of moving will arrive and yes it will be a day of stress. Some items that you really cherish might suffer damage. Some things might get lost. But at the end of the day when it is all over you will be in your new home surrounded by all your boxes, wrapped up furniture, and thoughts of what should be unpacked first. Leave that for the next day, you are tired. Order some carry-out food, and drink something cool or hot. You have earned it, relax. You have done it. Congratulations! You have completed your journey to your new home. If you have not sold your old home yet I know it will be in showroom condition to being sold by your Real Estate Broker. If you are a renter, you want as much of the security deposit you can get back so make sure your former apartment is spic and span clean. That concludes this blog post. I hope you love your new home, I also hope this blog post has given you all the pointers you need to complete the move you are planning for the future. Please leave your thoughts and comments below. Thank you for reading this. May God bless you and your family and please stay safe.

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